Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Student Film: "The Housewife in Bad Faith"

... by Alin Florea and Leann Farha

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  1. Good job on the film and getting the ball rolling.

    Before spelling out why I liked it, first clear the air ofthe one minor criticism I had. I felt like the scene itself was a bit cliche and somewhat overstated. That being said, you were making a short film (emphasis on short), and it's pretty much impossible to create complex, multifaceted characters, situations, and a solid back story ala The Sopranos or The Wire in under 4 minutes. So,that aside, I thought you guys used the movie medium quite well and definitely produced a work that fits the label existentialist, since your movie clearly showcases an example of being in bad faith.

    Which brings me to a question I had while watching the scene: I wonder to what extent the woman is in bad faith b/c she is acting like the waiter by objectifying herself and to what extent she is also sort of being like the woman on the date by pretending that her husband's demeaning and bossy comments don't really have the meaning that they obviously do in context. I mean the dude was such a dick, I have a hard time fathoming that she simply let most of his comments slide or agree to follow his "suggestions" b/c she felt that being the perfect homemaker requires one's total submission to another being's will. From the scene, it does defiitely seem like she agrees to what he has to say more often than pretending to transcend it by not make a choice or passing a judgment about the things her husband says. But did anyone else think that maybe her bad faith was some kind of mixture of being what one is in the mode of not being it (girl on date) and not being what one is in the mode of being it (waiter)? I feel like your song choice at the beginning--really great music selections btw--leaves some wiggle room for that interpretation. What did the rest of ya'll think?


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