Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Something that is very surprising for me, I find myself not being as confused by Heidegger as I thought I would have continued to be after both class today and a very helpful Precis. (I kind of laugh when I type this part) I think for once, my tendency to lean towards not thinking too hard or trying to be somewhat of a reductionist has helped me out (lazy mental processes basically); although, I may in fact be wrong with everything that I am about to say but, moving on. So in class today, at least for it to make sense in my head, I looked at the ontological Being as somewhat of a separate entity altogether from the ontic being...at first anyway. In class we talked about how the site of disclosure of an ontological Being is by a particular ontic being. When we discussed this in class I looked at ontological Beings as those entities that occupy ontic beings but their "is" is not that of an ontic being. It's kind of like the "spirit" and the "body" whereas many people believe that they are themselves a physical body that houses a spirit. The spirit (the ontological Being) enters (the ontic being) at birth and the ontological Being leaves the ontic at death. That is why the Ontological Being cannot experience its on death because it has left the ontic being. But, discussing this subject, I would like to look at things yet again from another perspective of techonology (as I did with my last blog). Back in the times of Heidegger, I'm sure there were not machines that had the ability to revive victims who doctors believed were not fully gone. I could not find the actual video that I was looking for but I found one similar. It discusses an after death experience where he "so called" experiences his death and comes back to tell of the experience. This resembles somewhat of the teological suspension of the ethical in a sense to where who is to say that an individual was not talked to directly by God, in the same sense for us to say that an individual cannot have an after death experience and be able to come back and tell about their experience of death. Here's the link to the video that I was not thinking of exactly but it serves the same purpose:

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