Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Philosophy Comic


  1. HA! I relate to this comic strip! ^_^ I often find myself questioning everything and just getting a headache because there is no answer to everything. Some things, not only can I not personally find the answer to, but just don't have an answer period. Yet, whenever I ask myself about my existence or anything of this sort, and don't come up with an answer, I continue to question it. It's pure denial that's what it is! I ask myself how can I not know the answer to my own just seems like something that someone should know the answer to. But every other day, when I don't find the answer, I do find myself asking the same old question.

  2. Nice! Ten awesome points to you, my friend!

    I agree with this comic. Much like Nietzsche argues with the idea of the Ubermench, we all need to stop thinking about how to exist and just go out there and do it. Or, as Roth writes, "[w]hat you're supposed to be, what you're supposed to do, all that, it just kills everything" (375). Stop thinking about living your life. Just go live it.


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